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 NOW offering HEMP SEED OIL massage for well being and chronic pain relief
   Hemp seed oil is legal in all 50 states and does not contain the (THC) found in medical cannabis or marijuana. Hemp oil is derived from seeds and stalks, not from the flower or buds like its cousin (THC).
   Hemp seed is a great (THC) alternative as it does NOT cause
psychoactive effects, does NOT alter consciousness, will NOT cause you to fail a drug test and does NOT require a state issued medical cannabis card. 
  Hemp seed oil, being in the cannabis plant family, contains healing and pain relieving properties, as well as providing a happy healthy relaxed state of being. Hemp seed massage is great for depression, nervousness, restlessness, anxiety, PTSD, assists in reducing obsessive compulsive behavior, overcoming addictions such as 
pain killers, opioids, alcohol, nicotine withdrawal,  overeating, etc, again minus any of the (THC) side effects found in medical cannabis.
  Last year 68,000 americians died from opioid complications and overdose. However, to date there has never been a cannabis related death. It just may be safe to shift the stigma attached to cannabis, from a gateway drug, to an exit strategy. 
   In the near future as laws change, we will be able to offer the same full cannabis massage services that others are receiving and benefiting from now in other states. 
  At Spot On Massage Alternative Care, we are doing our part in Tallahassee to see that every Floridian has access to medical cannabis. As of right now, possession of cannabis is being decriminalized all over Florida! accessibility however, is still limited to the Compasionate Care Act and Admendment 2.
   Fortunatly, Hemp Seed is available now to everyone, even our pets! 
As always, none of our statements or services are meant to replace a Doctor's advice or treatment plan. 
  All of our services are by appointment ONLY and must be made at least one day in advance. This allows us to give each of our guests the best possible experience they deserve.
    We are located in the Cory Lake Plaza in the Executive Suites Building and you must be buzzed into our facility. 
   Please read your entire reservation comfirmaton for informative information regarding your appointment time, entry into our premises, and check-in.  
   Go ahead, get excited, you are about to live the BEST massage therapy experience your body has ever had.
Spot On Massage Alternative Care
Come get SOM

massage therapy, spa, licensed massage therapist, Chiropractic, lymphatic drainage massage, deep tissue massage, swedish massage, sports massage, theraputic massage, medical massage, prenatal massage, myofasia, massage, chiropractor

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