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We are committed to happiness and harmony, by adopting a positive, healthy pain-free lifestyle, we are living our"best life" 


Spot On Massage Philosophy


We designed the 50 min Spot On Massage to be just that...50 min of focused attention to your problem stress accumulating areas.  Just as you take out the trash each week in your home.... how much more should you rid and purge your body of toxic stress...




At Spot On Massage, a massage is not an event...but rather a lifestyle....something natural, easy...sensible, simple, like a  yawn...stretch or big laugh...massage is a necessary part of good will find that with just 50 minutes a week your entire mind body and spirit will come to life... enabling you to live your best life ever. Your sleep will improve, your memory will improve, your consciousness will improve, your habits will improve, as well as attitude, tolerance, problem-solving faculties, in general, you will see a tremendous improvement in your quality of life.....all in as little as 50 minutes of massage a week.







CBD oil is legal in all 50 states and doesn't contain (THC) found in medical cannabis or marijuana. Derived from seeds and stalks, CBD does not come from the flower or buds like its cousin, (THC). CBD is a great (THC) alternative and causes NO psychoactive effects or altered consciousness. You cannot fail a drug test by using CBD. As a member of the cannabis family, CBD contains healing and pain-relieving properties that provide a happy and healthy relaxed state of being, thus making it perfect for our massage therapy. Our CBD massage works wonders for many ailments including, depression, nervousness, restlessness, anxiety, PTSD, also assists in reducing obsessive-compulsive behavior, addictions to opioid pain killers, alcohol, nicotine withdrawal, overeating, and many more, without (THC) side effects found in medical cannabis.​ Last year 68,000 Americans died from opioid complications and overdose.There has not been CBD or cannabis-related death to date. Perhaps it's time to shift the stigma attached to cannabis from a gateway drug to an exit strategy. ​   As laws are rapidly changing, we will soon be able to offer the same full cannabis massage therapy other states receive and benefit from today. ​ As the possession of cannabis is being decriminalized all over Florida, accessibility is still limited to the Compassionate Care Act and Amendment 2. Spot On Massage Alternative Care is doing our part in Tallahassee to ensure that every Floridian has access to medical cannabis.  Now CBD is available to everyone, even our pets!​  Services are by appointment ONLY and must be requested one day in advance, thus allowing each guest the best possible experience they deserve.    So get excited! You are about to experience the BEST massage therapy you've ever had.Spot On Massage Alternative Care​​Our statements and services are not meant to replace your Doctor's advice.















Post Surgical Lymphatic TREATMENTS

Body fluids are conductors of electricity. Congested lymphatic fluid is broken down by manual Lymph drainage enhanced with Red Light Therapy. Lymphatic fluid may then move effortlessly through the lymphatic system allowing you to feel calm and rejuvenated.

 During an Electro-Lymphatic Drainage session:
Step 1-Many patients choose a 30 min infrared sauna treatment first to heat the soft tissues enabling a more comfortable lymphatic treatment.

Step 2-Similar to getting a massage, you will rest comfortably on a massage table. In most cases, we will use Red Light therapy to increase electro-static tension and stimulate lymphatic drainage. With every Lymphatic Drainage treatment, we use sound wave binaural HZ frequencies that signal the brain to stimulate the lymphatic system.

Step 3-Finally, lymph, fat, cellulite, and/or scar tissue are broken up manually and directed out of the body. If this is a post-surgical lymphatic treatment, we aggressive break up inflammation around the area decreasing the risk of scar tissue forming. 


There are MANY benefits of lymph drainage, below are a few.

  • Assists in weight loss

  • Alleviates cellulite tissue

  • Detoxifies body tissues

    • The only way cancer cells leave the body is through the lymphatic system

  • Relieves discomfort from fibrocystic breast

  • Supports post-mastectomy health

  • Relieves chronic joint and muscle pain

  • Reduces edema and lymphedema

  • Promotes T-cell development in immune-compromised individuals

  • Reduces scars, stretch marks, and wrinkles

  • Supports preventative health by supporting your lymphocytes (white blood cells) that fight infections

  • Stimulates the immune system to help prevent post-surgical infections

  • Improves skin regeneration and accelerates wound healing with fewer complications

 Electro-Lymphatic Drainage is a safe non-invasive therapy to detox the lymphatic system. However, patients with the following contraindications should not use electro-lymphatic drainage:

  • Acute infections

  • Circulatory problems like thrombosis, embolism, or phlebitis

  • Malignant ailments (ex. undiagnosed lumps)


Please message us with any electro-lymphatic or manual lymphatic drainage questions.

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